Fancy Mobility Backseat Organizer and Visor Review

I thought I was done having loads of “stuff” with my son was out of the newborn stage, and out of the baby stage. Little did I know how much would actually accumulate in the backseat of my car having … Continue reading

Symaxio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I dont know about you, but I always find myself getting a call or text when my hands are busy doing something else, or I cant reach my phone. I got the opportunity to try a wireless headset by Symaxio, … Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Pro Review

I was in the market for a new computer. My Mac Book was taking a plunge physically from toddler damage. I was adamant on getting another Mac because I absolutely loathe PC’s now. But I also wanted a tablet. After having the discussion with my very extreme anti-mac boyfriend, I decided the only non-mac I would own would POSSIBLY be a surface, but it had to be a PRO, PRO 2 or PRO 3. It had tablet and PC capabilities, a USB port, and all the things a PC could offer in a tablet form. I found this one refurbished at a decent price (half the cost of a few years old Mac, and still less than a refurbished one) and decided to go for it. If I didnt like it, the boyfriend could have it, if I did like it, I could keep it.
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Thin Botanicals Body Wrap Review

Yes, I have heard about these “crazy wrap” things. Did I really want to spend the money just to see if it could make a difference around my (still) post-baby mid section? Not really. I got the chance to try … Continue reading