Six Easy Solutions For Thinning Hair Problems

Notice too much hair going down the drain? Stop freaking out and learn these six helpful tips for solving thinning hair problems!

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Why I Said Goodbye to Coffee, and Switched to Matcha Tea

About a year ago I had the chance to try matcha tea for the first time. I was a few cups of coffee a day kind of person. And I ALWAYS had to add sugar or creamer, I never drank it black. I first tried matcha tea because I heard it was more beneficial than coffee. Most recently, I have ditched coffee (almost) completely (I still enjoy the splurge of Starbucks a few times a month), and developed quite an obsession with matcha tea.

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Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask Review

Everyone loves a little pampering, right? Well, recently I got the chance to do some pampering that didn’t involve the generic store brand facial.. And let me tell you, it was AH-Mazing! If I would have known getting the higher end stuff was THIS much better than the cheap-o stuff, I would have been spending the little extra on the good stuff for years.. (That and I have had some sensitive facial skin issues in the past so didn’t want to shell out big bucks to have a reaction and then toss it…)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


I got the chance to try the Adovia Mineral Skin Care Brand of their Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask which can be found on Amazon HERE. It retails for $30 and you can get up to 30 “spa sessions” with this tube, which comes out to a dollar a treatment, and in my opinion, is great!

Its advertised to be used as a “spa treatment”or “blackhead remover”.. and unfortunately, I have some blackheads that needed removing…

You probably cant tell, but this selfie is completely makeup free (I know, I did just post this on the internet for all to see without makeup, and proud of it)… My blackheads are mainly right under my nose and randomly above my lip. And I have some dry skin (I’ll just chalk this up to the HORRIBLE Michigan weather lately). I am one of those people who just “look” like they have nice skin, but doesn’t really…

 Since I am used to the cheap stuff, this was a little thicker than I am used to, and honestly was a little scared to lather it up (because you know, I am a frugal little conservative when it comes to ANYTHING), but went for it anyways! I got it nice and caked on (dont mind my avoidance of my Monroe piercing… and nose piercing lol) and waited about 15 minutes. The instructions say between 15-20 minutes, but like most women I know, I am impatient and wanted to see the results.. Even though it was only one “session”.

Amazed. Wowed. Excited. There wasnt just one word that I used when I washed it off. Those pesky little blackheads around my nose and lip… almost gone. The pores were so reduced that honestly the only way you would know if I had blackheads would be if you were me, or got WAY up in my face to examine… My skin was smoother, and less dry. It had more of a healthy glow than I would have expected after only one try. And yes, all of these pictures were taken in the bathroom, in the same spot (almost).. so there isn’t any light tricks/makeup tricks… I think another makeup free selfie is in order….

Pretty nice for one treatment right?? And to get it for a buck a time? Even better! Honestly, the only thing that would have deterred me from buying this before would have been the price (I really am a horrible cheapskate…) But seeing the results, I would definitely buy another tube once this one is gone. And I don’t buy too many things for myself if they aren’t coming from the Dollar Tree (Oh don’t judge me)…
Highlights according to Avodia:
Treatments can last as long as 4 months/30 sessions for the $30 tube. (longer or more sessions if you are using this as a spot treatment instead of a full facial treatment)
Its made with pure Dead Sea Mud.
Its made in Israel by Dead Sea Experts. 
It reduces Oil and Blackheads.
It helps relieve Eczema, Psoriasis, and Acne troubles. 
Can be used as on the whole face, or as a spot treatment for blackheads.
Its got 150 reviews on amazon and 137 are 5 star, 10 are 4 star, and 3 are 3 star. NO 2 or 1 STARS! (PS two of the 3 star reviews had reactions from it, and the third wasn’t really merited for a 3 star. They had no complaints?)
Overall, a great buy! I had no reactions, no problems at all! We wont count the fact that I had my contacts in like a dummy when I went to wash it off and got some in my eye… yea THAT is not recommended! Take the contacts out people! Other than that, no problems!! Yea, I sense a new favorite to have stored in the bathroom when I feel like a pampering 😉

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Our Weekend in Review.. Part Two

Welcome to the Part Two post of Our Weekend in Review! (PART ONE HERE) This actually has nothing to do with the weekend.. just a tangent of the hair color! After I dyed it, my friend Cheri told me she hated the red. And she hated it last time I did it red. Then told me what colors she liked it as, basically every color other than red lol. So I went through my old pictures and decided I wanted your opinions as well! OK, I am secretly hoping that you’ll love the red the best so I can say “see, now shut up Cheri”.

Lets start with the most recent.  In case you didnt read the post (here), here is the new fire engine red it currently is.

This was it just before Halloween this year..
And another blonde, but way more.
And just for fun, lets go back to New Years Eve 2010.
Or February of 2012, just two months before I was due with little man. 
Photo Credit goesto Jen Light at
Or how about another 2010 but black and with bangs?
Or all the way back to 2006 when it was short and blonde? (and I was 18.. where has the time gone???)
So tell me your thoughts! What do you think I look better as? What do you hate?

I just want one…

I have plan first insurance. Which covers my one “special” visit to see my doctor every year. You know, to make sure my whooha doesn’t have cancer. I’ve had an abnormal result in the past so I try really hard not to miss these appointments. I get to the doctor. Get checked in and hand my card over. Then I’m told they don’t accept the plan first insurance. If it was Medicaid they would. But not just straight up plan first. And that I would need to pay for the visit, and the lab work up from the smear. Now here I am, thankful we have a little bit available to pay for it so I don’t need to cancel and wait to get back in (it took me four months to wait to get into this one). They’re booked until December with physicals.

I know I know, I shouldn’t complain for not getting something for free. But I honestly think every woman should be able to get her yearly exam without worrying about it, unlike all of the other programs people take advantage of. If you missed my rant on THAT one its HERE.. It’s pretty cool, the story will make you want to choke a bitch.

But why in the world would a doctors office not accept a type of insurance. Especially for a pap. I mean that shits serious stuff.  Its not like Im going into the ER because I have a tummy ache and don’t want to pay for it. I wanna make sure my lady parts are fully functional, thats okay right?

I had the option of canceling the appointment, rescheduling when I had more money or insurance, or going and doing it anyways. I just did it anyways, here is why. A few years ago (OK more than a few) when I had to  first start getting pap’s I went to Planned Parenthood. I was 18, no insurance (The insurance law at that time wouldn’t let me stay on, I was out of high school) and had jobs that barely paid the gas in my car, insurance and cell phone. (Yes I said jobs, I had three on the day of my 18th birthday, and worked two of them on that day). Got my exam done and thought okay cool. Went there for a few more years and by that time the insurance law changed to 26 and still in college. I was under 26 and still in college so my dad added me back onto his. I went into our family doctor to get it done, and it came back abnormal.

At this point I don’t know if it was planned parenthood that just missed it, or it was never apparent until the time between Planned Parenthood and my regular doctor. I didn’t want to take any chances that Planned Parenthood missed it due to lack of resources. I had to go see a specialist in the city. I use that loosely, I don’t go to some podunk doctor in the sticks, I live just south of a major city here, the one you would probably visit if you came to Michigan, where the resources are basically endless thanks to the DeVos Family. The city I live in is just fine, it’s just that their specialist is in ‘the city’. Luckily for me that came back as the abnormal cells were fine. I didn’t really get too much information after that, being on the phone hearing your pap came back negative plays a million different scenarios in your mind while you aren’t really paying attention. Then I got pregnant. My initial exam came back fine, my 6 week post-partum came back fine, and I’m sure this one will too. But when you are 20 and have a brief stint thinking that you are going to die of cancer and have a hysterectomy to live and never have children.. makes you actually WANT these exams done. The only health concern I have is that of my goodies. And sometimes dying of dia-beetus. Three of my four grandparents have it, and the only one still alive is the one who doesn’t.

Have any of you have a health scare that made you change your ways, or ways of thinking? Tell me I am not the only one lol

I just wanted new contacts…

Last weekend I opened my last pair of contacts. So this weekend we went into eyeglass world to get a new box. They told me my prescription had expired so I needed a new exam. Crap. Well not crap so much. I did the eye club last year so my exam was free. I just wasn’t expecting to spend 2 hours at eyeglass world to get a box of contacts. My prescription changed.. Now instead of buying one box because my eyes were both the same before, I need two boxes which means $60 instead of $30. Crap #2. During my exam the doctor explained that there were ‘flecks’ on my lenses, but wouldn’t effect my vision. Then he told me that there was a slight hemorrhage in the back of my eye (crap #3), but again, wouldn’t effect my vision. He then went on to say that these two coupled together suggest an early sign of diabetes. 3 out of 4 of my grandparents had diabetes,(the only one still alive is the one that doesn’t) I have a cousin that was diagnosed with diabetes when he was younger and I failed my first gestational diabetes test when I was pregnant with little man.. Crap #4. He said during my next physical it was suggested they test for diabetes to make sure I wasn’t un-diagnosed. All I wanted was a new box of contacts. Now I have to spend the next few weeks being paranoid about diabetes until I can get an answer from the doctor. Perfect.

Moral of the story. Buy your contacts in bulk so you don’t have to go buy a box and get all paranoid. Thanks doc. 

Hair treatment updated

I figured I’d post an update on the hair treatment post I posted back in April. If you haven’t read the post, click here.

I have noticed some length added, but to confess, I haven’t used the shampoo as often after the first few weeks. The hubby so graciously told me it made my hair smell like crap. So I went to once a week instead of every few days. It didn’t literally smell like ‘crap’ though, just exactly like prenatal vitamins… Which now that I think about it… Smells like crap.

If you can’t notice the length added, and need a root shot, I did dye it just after I started using the shampoo to try to gauge the growth. 

Dark is the ‘natural’ color that came in after, and the dye is the blonde that was the color I went to just after starting this experiment. 

Chap stick

Cost: $1 I already had the rest of the supplies

Supplies: petroleum jelly, kool aid and empty containers 

I got the petroleum jelly at the dollar store so it was cheaper. Scoop the jelly into a bowl and melt it down in the microwave. It took a good 5 minutes to get all the way melted. Mix in the kool aid. 

I found it mixed better when it was less of a liquid and more of the mush. When its all mixed up pour into containers!
I got 11 Chapstick tubes and a Joann’s lockable container filled with about a half a cup (whole container) of the petroleum jelly. Viola! No need to buy Chapstick for about 2 years!
I did notice that it didn’t have as much of the flavor or smell I thought it would. Maybe next time i’ll try two packets! 

Hair treatment

If you know me, there are two words you don’t associate me with anymore; good hair. A few months ago, realizing I don’t have the time to give myself ‘days of pampering’ like I used to.. I looked up some home made ways to restore my damaged hair.. And by damaged, I mean to the point where I was just short of shaving my head bald and starting over… I was reading about prenatal vitamins in shampoo… And figured “eh, why not? I have some extra from my pregnancy and an extra bottle of shampoo”. I crushed up about 6 prenatal pills and added them to the bottle and shook vigorously. Then I shook it a few times more. Every few days I would use the shampoo, then use my regular shampoo, then condition. It’s only been a month, I haven’t noticed any length difference, but have noticed that my hair once again has that healthy shine I’ve been missing for oh so long. Maybe in another month I’ll be able to notice some length added, because my hair, does NOT like to grow. Like at all. But for now, I’ll take that healthy shine, no split ends, and good bye frizz look!