My Final Goodbye to the Life I Once Knew

Death is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you are friend, family, blood, had just a short relationship, or knew someone forever. While I cannot compare the love I have for grandma with anyone else’s, I can say I am … Continue reading

Three Weeks into Hospice… And the End of it

There are so many emotions I have, that I just don’t feel like I can put into words anymore. Being someone who has been able to write much better than I speak, I am left with confusion. I have always … Continue reading

The Impending Death and Mixed Emotions

We have just hit our two week mark with Hospice. The decline has been an experience to say the least. The most overpowering emotion, by far, has been heartbreak. To see such a strong woman become so weak. To see … Continue reading

Two Weeks Later…And The Change.

It has been almost two weeks since we brought grandma home with the aide of hospice.  I still have a mixture of emotions and thoughts running through my head……. Hope that this is just a phase, shock that this is the … Continue reading

A Week Later…

It has been one week since we brought grandma home with the aide of hospice. I have had a mixture of emotions since then ranging from hope, to despair. Our hope was that being home in her own environment would … Continue reading

The Downward Spiral

If you follow my blog, or know me personally, you know my job isn’t just being a mother. But a caretaker. Being able to stay at home with my son and take care of my boyfriends grandmother has been the … Continue reading