Fancy Mobility Backseat Organizer and Visor Review

I thought I was done having loads of “stuff” with my son was out of the newborn stage, and out of the baby stage. Little did I know how much would actually accumulate in the backseat of my car having an almost 4 year old boy. Who also is adamant that some things stay in the car for him (toys) and how much I insisted stay in the car instead of packing my purse full (case of wipes, sunglasses, extra gloves and hat for the cold weather). I got the chance to try this from Fancy Mobility and thought “this is perfect!”.


Fancy Mobility Backseat Organizer and Visor Review

The next day after my son got to open his new “present for the car” we cleaned out the backseat and started organizing. I couldn’t believe just how much random crap we had in there for him. Everything we had in the backseat (a million toys, case of wipes, a few extra sets of gloves and hat, sunglasses) all fit perfectly in its own little spot. He even needed his sunglasses getting into the car one day after that, and after asking “well where are they?” (forgetfulness I put them in there) he says “right there mama” and points to the perfectly sized spot at the bottom right. He knows where things are and that things can now go in there which is amazing, because it is no longer scattered over my backseat! With #2 arriving in April I am positive I will get much more use out of this also being able to hold extra diapers and a few baby toys for moments when we want to head to do a quick errand or forget something in the diaper bag.

backseat organizer fancy mobility review

It un-clips on the top strap making it even easier to throw over the headrest or if you need to change sides for some reason. It does have a bottom strap to wrap about the bottom of the seat, but since my little guy is only 3 and can’t reach far, I left it un-clipped in the hopes if he needs something he can reach for it since it hangs out a little being unstrapped. (I also sit farther up being short, so if his dad was driving he would be able to reach with it being clipped at the bottom to hold it in place a little better).


fancy mobility backseat organizer review

Being one who carries a big purse, I dont usually have a whole lot that is left left in the car that I need, its usually just in my purse. So I dont really utilize the visor organizer like most people. I found two things in the car that could make use of the visor organizer. A pen and some lip gloss lol. I am sure down the road I will find more things to keep in there that I can decide do not need to be in my purse and are better left in the car, but for now this is all I got!

Overall I love it, I has been sturdy enough so far to hold a bunch of hot wheel in the bottom pouch, tight enough to keep a case of wipes in place and keep the gloves from popping out of its pouch. It also has the perfect sized spot for sunglasses keeping them from falling out and getting stepped on while sticking up just enough to be able to see and know where they are. If I can get my 3 year old boy to love this thing, you will too!


Want to check it out your self, click HERE to see it on AMAZON!
xoxo Desiree

I received this product as part of an advertorial. Regardless all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the seller of this product.



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