Personal Post Break From Blogging

As you may have noticed, I have taken a hiatus from personal posts here. We have had quite a different life since grandmas passing in July, read more to find out what we have been up to since then!

Grandma passed in July, we decided to take some time to be a family of three we have never really gotten to experience because we were too busy taking care of grandma. We did things. A lot of things. We were never home, unless it was to let the dog out it seemed. It was nice to just up and leave on a whim to take the kid somewhere and not worry about having to be home at a certain time when the aide had to leave. It was nice to not have to ask “What about grandma? She cant be out that long/she cant go/she isnt going to want to go there”. ┬áIt was different, it was nice, but it was still bittersweet. While it was nice to have that freedom, we still missed her dearly and sometimes I would have preferred to have to say “What about grandma” because that meant she was still here to worry about.

A few weeks after her passing, we discovered our own way to heal from her passing. Another baby. Looking back, it wasnt all that unexpected. The only unexpected part was so soon after. We both had agreed a long time ago, while grandma was still alive little man would be the only child running around here. We were crazy, but not crazy enough to take on Alzheimer’s, a toddler, AND a newborn. In a way, it was God’s blessing to move forward with our lives and not dwell on her loss. While it was time for Heaven to gain her, it still stung here on Earth for us. I guess the saying “The good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh” rang a little too true for us. While we had to let go of grandma, we had gained another life to look after and love.

We decided that this time around we would announce it in a special way. The next big holiday to announce it on was Halloween. We told close family, but kept it in from the end of July to the end of October. We decided to go as the Avengers for Halloween, since little man wanted to be Hulk, we planned our announcement around his costume decision. Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk finally could announce that there was a new addition once the first trimester has passed, and have fun with it!



From the beginning to the 21 week ultrasound seemed to go by fast. Maybe it was because there was such a different experience from the first time to this one. My first pregnancy was easy. I mean it wasnt until I was super fat and uncomfortable that I was actually felling any negative vibes toward my pregnancy. This time, constant nausea, vomiting, decreased apatite, more extreme lethargy than the first time… going from working full time, same thing day in and day out, to a completely different lifestyle being a SAHM to a kid in 3 year old school.. it just flew by. Being all belly this time around, I felt a little better about being pregnant, as opposed to the first time when I was just plain big.


On 21 weeks we had the ultrasound to make sure things were going well, and to see what the gender was. Baby was about a pound (and I had only gained about 9 by this time around!), was looking great, and were having a… BOY!!



So since grandmas passing, we have found a way to keep ourselves busy. Growing a baby, raising a toddler, working, shuffling to school… Hence the break from my personal posts on here. I will be back to posting more personal posts in the future. Going from mommy/caretaker to just mommy of 1 to mommy of 2 should be quite the change in just a single year! Hoping you all have a special Christmas and a blessed new year!

xoxo Desiree


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